foto by Grzegorz Golebiowski

Instant Music Factory 2.Sept.2018 at Schloss Wartin's Festival

foto by Oli Potratz

In 2015 the wonderful collaboration with Emiliana Torrini culminated in the version of her songs with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. Now we will play them in TRIO at Ludwigsburger Schlossfestspiele with Sebastian Studnitzky! Looking forward to this, minimalism and freedom!
16.6. Stuttgart, Kunstmuseum
17.6. Ludwigsburg, Karlskaserne

back again: ESSENCE OF NORTH

Just recorded the new soundtrack for WDR Radioplay of Daniel Kehlmann's "TYLL"
at Cl-Audio Studio Berlin with  "Instant Music Factory" Oli Potratz, Jo Ambros, Claudio Puntin
Lyrical Director: Alexander Schuhmacher

Video Preview:
Claudio Puntin & Alba G. Corral live at Multiphonics Festival 2017:

AROMA, part 5 "FLOOX" Claudio Puntin & Minnesota Orchestra:

Inside Density with Alba G Corral

AMBIQ & Ricardo Villalobos
18.05.2017 Berlin Funkhaus